Feb 14, 2018

BBB warns consumers against romance scams or online dating scams

February 13, 2018

For Immediate Release

The BBB warns consumers against romance scams or online dating scams.  Scammers are using online dating sites, hiding behind fake profiles to meet their next victim.  Signs that this is a scam: the person claims they love you early in the relationship, they claim to be from the US but are out of the country with work or in the military, asks for money for various reasons and asks for your email address.  They will also send text messages, send flowers or gifts, offer love and companionship.  They will tell you not to contact your family or friends about your relationship.  The scammers will ask you to send money for various reasons, for example. plane fare, medical emergencies or some financial issues.  They will ask you to send money by Western Union, purchase a gift card or ask for your bank information.  Report relationship scams to the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General.  If you think you are a victim, call the BBB @ 419-223-7010.

Contact Cheryl Parson at the BBB 419-223-7010

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